Performance since part 1
In my previous article I outlined what Bitcoin is and why it is important.

I gave a summary comparison against other forms of money and suggested ways in which Bitcoin can be viewed above and beyond ‘money’. I also highlighted some common concerns and misconceptions. The reaction was as expected, some positive comments mixed with overwhelming disbelief, distrust and criticism – most of which I had heard before.

Since then, the Bitcoin price has risen 359% to $31,500. This is not a typo. It has surpassed its previous all time of nearly $20k in December 2017 – continuing a price cycle that has played out several times in the course of it’s history.

A lot has happened within and around Bitcoin in the last 9 months and in this article I’d like to share a few highlights. We’ve seen developing Capital markets with an increasing number of established funds and investment houses entering the space with significant offerings to clients as well as investments in Bitcoin itself. Below are a handful of the most compelling and interesting from an investors point of view:

Some notable investors getting interested:

And now financial institutions who previously criticised Bitcoin, seem to be joining in on the once ‘ridiculous’ price targets:

The above helps to demonstrate the growing trust in and understanding of Bitcoin as a financial asset. Larger names entering the space has accelerated in the last quarter and before long, given Bitcoins continued price rises, it will become quaint, or even financially ‘irresponsible’ to NOT have Bitcoin exposure.


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