is there something about BT I dont know, their share price has been going relentlessly down since march with a little blip in august around divident time

I was reminded looking at Accrols' chart of a really good article on stockopedia about spotting a profit warning or an approaching catastrophe. Those in the know start selling and as the knowlege base grows the companies charts starts to look very bearish, then suddenly the news comes out, big bang, big dive

At present their debt is over 3 times profit before tax, which is a bit high, but other than that there quality and value scores are quite good

Not sure how their TV business is going, but googling the reviews customers seem happy and they have something going on with Netflixs.
That said thinking about it as I write it, I dont know much about their TV deals because I dont watch telly very often which is the same for a lot of people these days

BT did have a disaster in Jan, their Italian branch had been unprofitable for years and theyve been covering it up. So they do have recent form of dumping big announcements on us

am i barking up the wrong tree, overlooking something, am i wrong and is BT about to have a nice bounce

keen to hear your views

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