Let's get straight to it - the CAN-SLIMesque guru screen...

Guru Screen Review

Sometimes this is easy, with only 4 or 5 hits on the screen - this week we have 16!

Plus500 (LON:PLUS)

Herbie47 mentioned last week it is close to dropping out - still there for now, lost ground this week.

Globaltrans Investment (LON:GLTR)

Watching for now - I missed the breakout, I expect that last week's slight price drop is natural profit taking after a good rally the week before.

TCS Holding (LON:TCS)

NEW Entry Russian banking - looks good but, I don't want to have heavy exposure to Russia in the current political climate!

Fevertree Drinks (LON:FEVR)

My old favourite - I sold these back in September, anticipating the pullback, I didn't re-enetr in January, perhaps I should have. I attended the UK Investor show in April last year. They asked for volunteers to go on the stage with the legendary shorter Evil Kinievel (Simon Cawkwell). The prize was a bottle of rum - just for going on the stage. Well, I'm partial to the odd Cuba Libre, so I was up like a flash - £20 of rum just for sitting on the stage! There were 12 of us and we were all given a shot of tonic. We drank, then were given a second glass of tonic. We had to rate which one we liked the best. Out of 12 people, 10 preferred Tonic A (that turned out to be fever tree), 1 person preferred tonic B (Schweppes) and 1 though they were both no good without the vodka! Clearly Fevertree tastes better to most people. Evil's point was that the only difference is the botanicals - these are a tiny part of the cost of producing tonic water and he argued that Schweppes (or someone else) at any moment could make a similar tasting tonic and add some serious competition, so he was shorting them.  I see his point, but everywhere I go in the world I see Fevertree more and more. I'd be interested to see how their cola sales are going - I have a feeling  Rum and Coke is the new G&T.  And in case you don't…

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