I've been scratching my head slightly at some of the choices people are considering here.

The theme as been ... it's hard to find value so ...

1) I'm going to modify my investment criteria

2) Move to cash (not a bad option of course. I'm currently 14% cash)

Nobody seems to be considering broadening the pool of stocks they pick from and given that Stockopedia has a European version I'm surprised. In fact there is no european stock discussion apart from Ben's articles.

However, I've found I don't have to modify my criteria to uncover high quality European stocks with value or growth potential. In selecting them I might ask for a slighty better risk return profile to cover increased costs, e.g. I have to telephone trade for some smaller european stocks.

Here are some examples that might tickle your fancy ... and remember the significance of the Stockopedia ranking increases in the European version as it considers 7000+ stocks.



MGI Coutier SA is a France-based company specializing in design, manufacturing, and marketing of automotive equipment. The Company’s activities are based on two main production lines: Fluid Transfer and Mechanisms. Fluid Transfer sector provides services in storage, treatment and diffusion of fluids and products include manifolds, ducts, air filters, cam covers, blow-by heating connectors and pipes, ventilation of battery compartment, cooling systems, fuel vapour pipe, dosing pumps, protective casings for additive systems and heated pipes for selective catalytic reduction systems, among others. Mechanisms sector manufactures opening, closing and articulation products such as doorstops and hinges, pedal boxes and under-bonnet mechanisms, locks & strikers and door handles and fuel caps, among others. The Company also has other divisions: Expertise, Research & Development, Environment and Aftermarket.


MGI Coutier SA (EPA:MGIC) passes 11 Guru screens and as a Stock Rank of 99.  

It as a strong history of growing revenue, profits and EPS. 

It does have some debt but it doesn't appear excessive.

I'm currently sat on a 28% gain with this selection.




Bakkafrost P/F is a Faroe Islands-based fish farming company. Its main business area is aquaculture…

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