As suggested in today’s small cap report, here is a marker post for a list of subscribers’ candidate “Coffee Can” stocks to salt away out of reach for the next decade or two in the hope that they’ll blossom into 100 Baggers.

For format, I suggest a short thumbnail on the candidate suggesting how and why it meets the criteria for being a success along the lines suggested in the Mayer/Phelps’ books (sustainable high RoE/RoA, growth potential, durable moat, low-ish PE, Material founder/owner skin in the game etc.) and a punt on where the price is today and when/how it gets into the magical 100 club.

A possible font of ideas for hidden gems or maybe just a golden opportunity to spread egg all over your face. I have a candidate in mind which I’ll add in the comments once I’ve done a bit more digging ....


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