Hi All,

I have recently decided to take control of my investments and retirement planning with more of an active involvment. I'm a new member of Stockopedia and love the site. I am still getting to grips with all the tools and how to interpret the Stock reports. The daily lesson emails are excellent and well paced, and I also love getting the small cap report email each day.

Now to the actual question - I quite often see people giving their synopsis of a stock, but then finish up with "But DYOR" (do your own research). I take the message on board, but I'm not sure what to practically do at this point. What do other people do with regards to this?

- Study the Stock reports again and again?
- Read the integrated RNS new feed looking for clues?
- Get out into the world and find more information (company website, newspapers, visit actual stores if possible)
- Google something?

And then, at what point do you consider yourself well versed enough to execute the trade? Or put another way, what is your personal policy of "Due Diligence" before you take a position?

Thanks, Jared.

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