I know there was recently (and have been regularly) comments and questions about the cost of dealing in foreign shares on the various platforms.
I've just received the following email from Hargreaves Lansdown which appears to make them more competitive?

"From today, we’ve lowered the foreign exchange (FX) charge on all overseas share deals.

The charges now start at 1%, and get lower for deals over £5,000. All clients will pay less per deal.

Charges from 1 May

Deal value FX Charge
First £5,000 1.00%
Next £5,000 0.75%
Next £10,000 0.50%
Value over £20,000 0.25%

The new charges apply to different tiers within each deal, rather than the total value. For example, on a £10,000 deal you’ll pay 1% on the first £5,000, and 0.75% on the next £5,000. Previously, you’d pay 1.5% on the full £10,000."


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