I like to noodle around on an electric guitar ... very much a learner. For those interested, please check out www.justinguitar.com which is an amazing resource for any guitar enthusiast. Highly recommended.

Recently I've been looking to upgrade my amplifier to a combo amp which can emulate the sounds of many different types of amplifiers and effects pedals.

The products I became interested in were ...

A Line 6 Spider V 60 Combo Amp           Line 6 PBV 3 Foot Advanced Foot Controller

Line 6 Spider V 60         5b159f5ab717cpreview_(2).jpg

Line 6 Relay G10 Digital Wireless Transmitter


Firstly I'd have to say I'd never buy a stringed instrument from an online retailer as I'd really want to put my hands on the instrument I'm going to buy before I'd part with my cash. However, with digital tech such as this I'm more than happy to buy online. So I started my research for the bundle.

Here's my initial findings with cheapest prices highlighted in green ...


So Gear4Music's only competitive on one product. 
But wait it gets worse, whilst browsing the GAK site I found a bundle for the Line 6 Spider V 120 amp (the next model up in the Spider V range) combined with a Line 6 Relay G10 Transmitter for a total price of £269.

Here's a list of prices for the V 120 model across the various sites ...


So it was a no brainer to take the bundle from GAK (including a better amp). Adding the FBV 3 footpedal the total price should be £445. I contacted them via online chat and they went on to give me a reduced bundle price for the Spider V 120, G 10 Transmitter and FBV 3 footpedal for £425 including free delivery!

That's £39 cheaper than the original V 60 bundle from them and £54 cheaper than Gear4Music, plus in both cases I have a much better amp!

Maybe this is just a one off and perhaps amps aren't their speciality, but I'd suggest that anyone looking to buy an expensive amp and associated gear is going to be competent enough…

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