I rarely post - I don't feel I have great insight or knowledge or skill that would benefit other subscribers. But today I passed an investment milestone that I wanted to mark in some way, and so here I am. I was fairly confident it would happen in the next week or so, but I was thrilled that today was the day my portfolio went past £500,000 in value. It seems (it  is!) a long time ago that I first invested a tentative £800 into Torotrak after a close friend had urged me to take up investing and tipped this company as the next best thing.

Well, Torotrak didn't work out so well, but his general advice was sound. I read The Motley Fool book, was startled by its insights into how the investment companies work, and started regular investments into a Tracker fund. Over time, this accumulated to around £100,000 - very nice - but I was starting to see that for all their merits, an AllShare Tracker meant I was invested in companies (oil, tobacco) that I would not choose to buy shares in. So I transferred the lot into a shares ISA and started stock picking. And now, here I am, reporting a portfolio worth half a million pounds. Gulp.

Many of you, I'm sure, will view this as small beer. But for me, a part-time teacher, it's a significant life event.  And it's based almost entirely on listening to experts (I know! so unfashionable!). I really can't get enough information - so I subscribe to John Rosier's Investment Chronicle, Research Tree, Growth Company Investor, Investors Chronicle and Stockopedia, as well as following Naked Trader and every Mello/Private Investor webinar/video I can get my hands on. I can't emphasize enough how much this pays off. Simon Thompson introduced me to Sylvania Platinum - profits from this alone cover IC subscription for the next 600 years. John Rosier introduced me to Sigmaroc and Venture Life, Leon Boros to Bioventix,  and so on. 

So thank you. Everyone at Stockopedia, John Rosier, Tamzin (what brilliant and invaluable interviews!), Leon Boros, Paul Scott, Richard Leonard, Cockney Rebel, David Thornton, Robbie Burns, Simon Thompson, all the posters who know so much more than me - I couldn't have done it without you.

Happy Christmas everyone, and let's hope for a better 2021.


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