This time last year I posted the following on Mike Walters website at the height of the Truss chaos and when advice there and more generally was to stay away from the stock market. It has been very difficult if only investing in Uk small companies, but if widening the spread of investments to quality shares and Investment Trusts, like those included in the post below  at what  look to  be bargain prices, then it is possible to win:-


As sevenccc has just posted, this is the second of 2 big up days in the US. Reasons include increasing signs that inflation might have peaked there AND the possibility that we might be near the end game in Ukraine.

Key big worry is risk of Putin resorting to nuclear.

I’ve started adding to some of my holdings. It might be too soon but the shares and Trusts below have either fallen a long long way with bad news priced in, OR have held up well. There is extraordinary value out there. AND all of these could well go up a LOT when markets turn up. There’s a chance it could be soon. Or started here today.

There’s no detail on each share or Trust. That’s because there is info on nearly all of them in past BARG posts. Also viewing figures and recommendations for posts on BARG shares and Investment Trusts are much lower than they were. That could be because we’re in a bear market, but also reflects that there is more interest here, including Mike, in early stage smaller Companies. A lot of small investors prefer those.

Anyway here they are. Most pay very big dividends to provide invaluable income while we wait for big share price gains.

ABERDEEN. ABDN. 142p. Low 137p. Year to date DOWN 43%. Dividend 10.5%

AVIVA AV. 407p. Low 378p YTD DOWN 29%. Dividend 7.5%

B&M retail. 326p. Low 306p. YTD DOWN 48%. Dividend 5%.Discounter ideal in my opinion for hard times. Note the big share price rise for Greggs today after their update!

CHESNARA CSN 272p. Low 256p YTD DOWN only 3%. Dividend 8.5% …it’s been increased every year for years!…

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