This is just my very high level view on what I spotted in the news today – I am a simple amateur investor who has been at it part time for 20 years with reasonable success.  And, yes, I do usually check the news each day – But I have never written it down before – I guess mainly because there has not been an appropriate medium and also because I feel I am maybe too simple in my approach. Usually I am checking for news on companies I own and also looking for any stand out updates - E.g. Today TCO seems quite stand out ish to me and may even pick up a few later this afternoon.

I want to be clear – I Love the SCVR – I really love the SCVR – The only thing I would maybe like to see would be some constructive comment a little earlier on people’s views on the news today. I hate ADVFN and all those other boards and do not wish to read their views on each individual shares or the mornings news – More so I would appreciate a sensible early morning place to discuss general financial news with a focus on Interim and Full results.

Anyway, just really trying this out for a day, or maybe 2 – See how it goes. Others may have a better idea here on what to do or how to go about this, hope there is an interest and we can come up something – Assuming a decent majority would also like to see something like this.

NOTE – I am a simple investor – Does it make money, is it growing (revenues, profits, EPS), good ROCE, preferably has net cash – Decently covered dividend a bonus.  Also like to see a decent Stock Rank. Usually I look at profitable companies in the £20m - £500 excluding Oils and exploration.

Here we go…

Polypipe (PLP)Interim Results 6 months ended June 2017 - Decent looking interim results – Revenue up about 8%, PBT about 5% - The biggest increase is the 16% rise in the interim dividend – Decent coverage of the dividend in place to this is nice to see. On a PER of about 14 impact here should be minimal.

T Clarke…

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