Morning All!

OPG Power Ventures ( OPG Power Ventures (LON:OPG) ) – p – £m – PER

Unaudited Results For The 6 Months To End September 2017 – Revenue is down from £117.7m to £113.9m and a £17.9m PBT is a loss of £2.9m this time.

Glad I stuck to my rules and got out of this when I did – I was pretty much in love with this share at one time!

Cohort ( Cohort (LON:CHRT) ) – p – £m – PER

Final Results For The 6 Months To End October 2017 – I picked this statement out “The Group's first half results were slightly down on last year.  In recent years the Group's results have been heavily weighted towards the second half and we expect this pattern to be repeated this year”.

Looks OK but at the end of the day it’s a low margin consultancy business. I am just not willing, at present, to accept the associated potential surprises here.

Safestyle UK ( Safestyle UK (LON:SFE) ) – 191.25p – £158.7m – PER 11.4

Trading Update – This doesn’t look good – “Demand has weakened further, and in the 3 months to 30 November 2017 (LFL) the Group's sales have been 0.3% lower by value, and 6.8% lower by volume”. Underlying PBT is expected to be below current market expectations, at a level of least £15m. And they “expect market conditions to continue to be very challenging in 2018”.

I will be avoiding this one for now.

Idox ( Idox (LON:IDOX) ) – 56.13p – £229.2m – PER 11.1

Year End Update - The Company has identified a small number of revenue items that it does not consider should be recognised in the FY2017 results – Expects EBITDA for FY2017 to be circa £20m (compared to about £23m stated in November, and £21.5m in 2016).

A bit of a yo-yo share at the moment and something I will not be getting involved in for now.

Eurocell ( Eurocell (LON:ECEL) ) – 215p – £215m – PER 9.63