I find myself unable to sleep at 12:30am because I can not stop thinking about Lloyds shares. Back in 2008 I took a punt on Lloyds shares, £10k, as I worked for them and liked what I was seeing in terms of practice and general management . I sold and bought back in at several intervals, and on the whole mate a tasty little profit. Since my last sell a few years ago I have not had anything to do with this share, but find myself pondering a big question......are Lloyds the next Goldman Sachs after the 2008 crisis?

Ok we seem to have been on an up and down journey since the financial crisis of 2008 and Brexit clearly is muddying the waters right now, but I find myself thinking like my idol Warren Buffett and looking at this point in time as an opportunity to buy some unfavourable stocks that appear to have more puff that the market is valuing them at.

The big question...........are Lloyds being undervalued by the market enough to start thinking seriously about them. Based on Warren's intrinsic value definition I personally value the stock at round 100p, give or take 10%, based on the past 5 years and the next 2. Ok everyone will come up with their own valuation, but they have made some great progress from the days of the HBOS takeover and were the first to commit to paying back all the PPI they mis sold. I'm not gong to go into the financials of the business as we can all see them and make our own decisions on them, but my gut instinct is the same as Warren's when he bought Goldman Sachs and that hasn't worked out to bad has it.

Anyway I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts as right now I feel there is still to much uncertainty around Brexit and how the country will progress in the next year.............but my gut, and even my head, is saying pay attention to this one.



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