FOR ALL IWEB TRADERS Wow. Finally got through to someone at iWeb after exactly 1 hour and several attempts during the day. Apparently everyones valuation information on iWeb is screwed at the moment. This is because of an outsource company that provide that information. It doesn't however explain why that information of disruption cannot be displayed on their website or why it is nearly impossible to speak to anyone in customer support to find out what is going on.  They have no idea when it will be fixed. I think you can still trade sometimes, but its unlikely you will be able to trade over the phone because they only appear to have one person covering the entire site, and be extremely careful about quotes and execution. I would say it is unsafe at the moment and certainly unreliable. Its been pretty bad all week to be honest and bad at several other times this year. If you are not using IWEB I highly recommend you never do

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