If it's not too much of a personal question, what do other people use as a minimum amount to invest in a share, to consider it worthwhile? (otherwise fees and stamp duty means it takes longer to get into profit)

For example, with one of my brokers a trade size of £2,000 results in an entry cost of 1%. Worked out as:

£10 for the broker fee,
plus 0.5% stamp duty (another £10)
equals £20/£2000 or 1%.

Anymore than 1% (eg, less than £2,000 stake) and I feel I am not being efficient with market entry. I like the idea of holding 20-30 stocks for diversification, but that's a little out of reach for the short term based on £2K lots. I intend to hold and grow my portfolios for the next 10-15 years.

Am I being overly restrictive on myself for no good reason? Obviously I can increase portfolio diversity by relaxing my rule and allow trading with £1,000 sizes ...

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