This is the response I got from my IR contact at Somero Enterprises Inc (LON:SOM) when I asked what could be the possible cause for the delay in payment.
I replied, that this kind of thing will impact sentiment and as such they should take it seriously.
I have left her email on in case any other holders which to express their frustration.

Mr. Hawkins,

We do pay in USD as reflected in the announcement and we get questioned on this with nearly every dividend payment. I have again reached out to our Registrar on your specific inquiry and they provided the following explanation:

What is likely the case is the cheque will have gone to the brokers. I don’t see AJ Bell on the register so it is likely they hold their shares through someone like Pershing Nominees.

So what will happen is we pay Pershing a cheque, they wait until it clears before passing this onto A J Bell, who then in turn passes this onto the underlying holder. As you can imagine this can sometimes take a little while.

Unfortunately, neither we nor our Registrar have any control over the processing of the dividend payments once it is released to the brokers. The relationship between A J Bell and their custodian is not something that we have visibility into nor the ability to influence.

I’m sorry that I can’t be of further help on this matter. I would hope that your broker has received and processed the dividend payment by now as it seems impossible that it would take this long for funds to clear.

Kind regards,


Director of Legal & Corporate Affairs
Investor Relations & HR

Somero Enterprises, Inc.
14530 Global Parkway
Fort Myers, FL 33913 USA
p: +1-239.210.6529
m: +1-603.540.6010
Oliver, Jennifer

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