Hi All,

Just reaching out to  the Stockopedia community for advice on the best way to hedge  fx rate risk exposure to my US equity holdings. 

I've been steadily buying into the US equities over the last 12 months, but my paper gains are being steadily eroded by the recent strengthening pound.  

For example, I bough Berkshire Hathaway in July 2020, and to date its up about 30+ per cent in USD terms , but when my sale proceeds are converted back to GBP,  my return is only about 19%. In effect an approx 10% increase in the GB:USD FX rate has eroded almost 40% of my profits!  

Note, these are held in my SIPP and ISA with Hargreaves, so I don't have the option to sell and keep my gains in USD (selling forces conversion back to GBP).

Any advice on the best way to hedge my fx rate exposure would be rally appreciated.  

thanks in advance 

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