I found it interesting to see how the DOW plunged on the incorrect report by ABC news report that Trump directed Flynn to contact Russian representatives prior to taking office.

So it seems the market is very jittery around the Trump presidency.

Well today marks another risky day as a New York court is deciding if a case can proceed where an alleged victim of an unwanted sexual advance from Trump is claiming defamation after his denials and criticisms of the alleged victim.

Potential outcomes are:

1) Dismissed
2) Kicked to long grass once Trump is no longer President
3) Allowed to proceed

In the case of option 3, there are 16 other women ready to follow a similar path and the defamation option is easier to prosecute than the sexual misconduct as they only have to prove that he has lied at some stage. And lieing under oath will be a potentially impeachable act.

I have exposure to some US stocks plus the US market tends to set the pace for all other markets, so I've been considering shorting the DOW today as a short term measure.

I'd appreciate any thoughts?


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