Good morning, it's Paul here. Many thanks to Jack for giving me a day off yesterday, which was much appreciated.

In the usual way, this is a placeholder initially, i.e. a blank post, to enable readers to post comments from 7am, whilst I write up the article gradually throughout the morning & early afternoon, section by section. For newcomers, I report on the day's small cap trading updates & results statements, plus any other important news.

Please see the header for announcements I'll be reviewing today.

Today's report is now finished.


Stockopedia App

Just to flag up that I downloaded & used the Stockopedia app on my smartphone (a Samsung M31 - which is a fantastic phone for the relatively low price) last weekend, and I found it excellent. I'm a bit challenged with eyesight, hence prefer using a full-sized PC or laptop screen, as opposed to a mobile device. However, with the Stockopedia app, I could see everything clearly. It spaces out the usual StockReport into a longer, thinner version. Also, I found the news pages very easy to scroll through - better than the full webpage actually, because the left and right pane scroll independently, whereas they're locked together in the web version of Stockopedia.

Therefore, I shall be using the Stockopedia app in future when I'm out & about, to do a quick research job on a share that e.g. a friend might have recommended over lunch. Something that should hopefully be happening more often again, if restaurants remain open. I'm not sure how long that might be though, with all these second wave outbreaks popping up?

(NB. I have not been asked to post the above, it's my genuine personal opinion, and thought it might be useful to flag up to readers)


Norcros (LON:NXR)

Share price: 164p (up 9% today, at 08:12)
No. shares: 80.57m
Market cap: £132.1m

AGM Trading Statement

Norcros plc ("Norcros" or the "Group"), a market leading supplier of high quality and innovative bathroom and kitchen products, issues the following trading update for the 16 week period ended 26 July 2020 ahead of its Annual General Meeting which takes place at 11.00am today.

Note that, with a end March year end, the current financial year began shortly after lockdown restrictions were introduced in the UK, and were introduced earlier than that in some…

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