Good evening,

I'm 42 year old guy married with 3 beautiful kids and live in Northern Ireland. Up until 4 years ago I ran the family business which employed 100 plus staff.

Unfortunately my health started to deteriate and I was diagnosed with a very rare progressive neurological disease which has left me wheelchair bound. Because of this I no longer can work. I began getting into Sports trading and have done reasonably well with it. Unfortunately because of further issues with my health I'm finding it difficult to spend the time required to keep up with the sports trading which can be 10 plus hours a day.

The above is what brings me to writing on this forum and hoping I can get some help advice on investing in the financial trading side of things. I have played about over the years but to be honest I would class myself as a complete beginner. However I do have good discipline and would be eager to learn as much as possible with a view to investing and taking it more seriously. I initially would like to invest £2- £3 k to get a feel for things first and this is where I would appreciate any help going forward. So really if anyone was or has been in my position where should I begin in terms of entering the market? Should I buy several shares after researching, trade forex or get involved in other areas of the market.? Thankfully going forward I could invest £50k however I'm obviously nervous and would like to dip my toe in initially.

I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate you taking the time to read my post.


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