For our latest StockSlam event we decided to try a new and larger venue, wework at Aldwych House, but still in Central London. This gave us the space for an audience of around 75 with plenty of room for socialising afterwards - an essential requirement.

Before kicking off I (couldn't help) noting the sharp correction in global stock markets, which has hit many of us where it hurts. At times like these I often remind myself that I'm in this for the long haul, which means that I don't intend to touch these funds for at least a decade, but that's not true of everyone. 

So I did a quick audience survey on investment time horizons to check our demographic with this result:

  • 10% of audience are drawing down money now for expenses

  • around half plan to use their investment the money in the next 10 years

  • the rest are looking further into the future

With this in mind I was curious as to how people are reacting to the current volatility. Personally I've added to a selected few of my holdings, where I see particular value, but I haven't made sweeping changes to my portfolio. However quite a few people are talking about how they're fully, or mostly, in cash as they wait for the bear market. Lucky them!

So what were people in the audience doing?

  • around half are doing nothing

  • are few (perhaps 10%) are selling to accumulate cash

  • the rest are hoping to start buying when the dust settles

With most of us hoping to find some interesting and actionable ideas at the StockSlam I believe that the presenters didn't disappoint; all of them did a great job within their allotted 3 minutes and I've tried to give a taste of their pitches with the notes below. Big thanks to Jack and Ed, from Stockopedia, for actually taking the notes though!

Stop press: I'm pleased to say that the next StockSlam will take place at Mello London in November. If you'd like to present, which I thoroughly recommend, please follow the instructions here: 


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