After a break for the summer, the next StockSlam is going to be on Tuesday 12th November at Mello London in Chiswick. It’s free to attend and will last from 6:45pm until about 8:30pm.

Registration for the event is now open and you can reserve your place here:

I still have a number of presentation slots available. If you would like to pitch a stock please email me ( for more details and to be added to the list. Presenters will get guaranteed entry to the StockSlam.

If you aren’t familiar with the StockSlam, it is a fun, social, event where private investors pitch a stock idea to an audience of other investors. After the pitches, there will be pizza provided and you’ll have the opportunity to chat with the other guests and discuss the stocks. The purpose is to provide the private investor community with a forum to meet other like-minded people in a fun and relaxed environment - while picking up valuable stock ideas at the same time.

You can watch the video of our last StockSlam at Mello on our YouTube channel here.

NOTE: This event will be at Mello London in the Clayton Hotel Chiswick. If you would like to attend the full two day event with speakers such as Gervais Williams, Lord John Lee, Stephen Yiu, Judith MacKenzie, John Baron as well as our own Paul Scott, Graham Neary and Ed Croft, tickets can be bought here. The team at Mello are offering a 40% discount by using the code Stock40 at the time of booking.

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