Following on fromlast weeks summary of the Company Announcements that had the very largest impact on share-prices  I have once again cast my net over the big announcements for the week ending 26-Jul-19.

The scale of the task of actually reading all of the announcements remains daunting, once again there were over 3,000 announcements  - however again however again around of half of those do not directly relate to UK listed companies and more than half of the remainder are amongst those I classify as simple admin. That still leaves over 700 potentially significant announcements to review.

Similar to the previous week 107 of these announcements were associated with share price moves of greater than +/- 5% on the day.

As a follow on from last weeks comments I have added in Market Cap[*1]  (and Industry) so we can take a view as to how far this is just volatile tiddlers presenting massive volatility. For the purposes of this table I have classified micro-caps as less than £30m market cap.

Share price movement / M. Cap Micro Larger Total
> 20% 5 11 16
> 10-20% 9 20 29
>5-10% 21 41 62
Total > 5% 35 72 107

Based on this particular size cut off, it is in fact a fairly even mix between the minnows and larger companies so potentially things of interest to many here.

In truth though I should point out that ALL of the top 10 movers are either micro-caps or involved in “Software and IT services”, “Biotech” or “Oil and Gas” (which chimes heavily with my musings elsewhere. ) To get out of those particular casinos, you have to get down to number 13 on the list of biggest movers - IQE (LON:IQE) which has been far from a stable investment and arguably has a casino all of its own.

If I can get the data sourcing on this exercise slicker then I may move on to attempting a better precis of the findings, but that is not really my intent at this stage. So rather than waffle on further, as per last week’s summary I will just leave you with the list of the 47 stocks moving by more than +/10% on the day of an announcement as a source of possible further reading.

  Once again,…

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