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(Part Time) Fund Manager’s Report

Another slightly negative month, although this time both portfolios have done better than the FTSE All-Share benchmark (-2%). And when compared to AIM100 (-5%), my ISA has done pretty well, despite all the shares in there being AIM listed.

Still, two negative months in a row is frustrating. I know I shouldn’t feel that way and instead feel relief that at least in September I’ve outperformed the benchmarks. But a red number still has this primal psychological effect on me, that I have lost.

In the ISA, I have been disappointed that it hasn’t done better, despite positive statements from Appreciate, Begbies Traynor, and the announcement of a potential bid for French Connection. Still, I have been reassured by the positive updates and decided to continue to hold for further upside Sosandar and System1 have been the performance drags; but I’m looking forward to a positive trading update from Sosandar soon. And on System1, the price is now low enough that I am looking to top up if it gets any lower. My continuing monitoring of both businesses show they are still in rude health, so I see no reason they will not announce positive trading updates shortly.

Looking at Appreciate (LON:APP) , it seems like the business is accelerating and in rude health compared to pre-COVID. "Billings" (which are sales of gift cards and vouchers) are up +14.6% in Q2 (Jul-Sep) compared to the same period in FY20 (Jul-Sep 2019, pre-COVID). Appreciate only recognise revenues when the cards/vouchers are redeemed, so this is like an "order book" that will translate to revenues and profits in the next 6-12 months. There are tough comparatives in Q3 coming ahead, as last December, companies replaced xmas parties with gift vouchers. But IMO, as outlined in my July Report, I think there are some key structural drivers that will see increased revenues and profits in the next 3 months. In addition, there is likely to be a shortage of all kinds of in-demand Christmas gifts (toys, electronics, etc) and a lot of people might then give a gift card instead, so the…

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