In todays SCVR Paul Scott writes a great opinion piece on Bitcoin and Blockchain which has lead to several replies and responses.

It was suggested that a seperate thread was created to allow those who want to discuss it to do so while others can easily ignore it.

The Original thread is here..

This thread is to continue the discussion. My original reply to Pauls points are as follows:

I don't hold any cryptocurrencies and I agree generally with the points Paul makes about it being a poor investment and a hype bubble, I think Paul has it about right. However, on the one point about government regulation....

The point of Bitcoin's distributed nature is that no one government can stop it and in fact its arguable that even if every government regulated against it it could be stopped.
You know how we laugh now when some old duffer MP says that if there is a riot then the government will just "switch off the internet" or something similar? Well I think there is a good chance that in 10 years time we will laugh at the fact that people said they were going to shut down cryptocurrencies.

The thing with technology is that it can't be uninvented, you can't put the genie back in the bottle.
I think its inevitable that some type of CryptoAssets (FYI you can have Crypto commodities and other crypto assets rather than just currency) are here to stay. Maybe not Bitcoin but we shouldn't disregard the whole subject.

Paul mentions Blockchain (the technology underneith Bitcoin) and that is the real gem in all this. Blockchain has the potential to change the world like the Internet has changed the world.
Its highly likely that many of our future investing sucesses will be made on buying companies at the forefront of blockchain.

I know this is an enlightened investment community and so I would like to recommend a Pod Cast series called "Invest Like the Best" by Patrick O Shagnessey. He does a mini series within that Podcast called "Hash Power".
Regardless of what you think about Bitcoin its well worth a listen.

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