On several occasions I have been puzzling over whether I can get data on one subject or another. I have thought to ask on Stockopedia, but it seemed a bit indulgent to set up a thread for a single request that might get answered by the first respondent. So here is my solution.

This thread is for people to ask those : “does anyone know where I can get data ### from?” questions. Not just Stockopedia data, but data more generally.

If this works as a concept then I will use this original post as an up to date directory of useful data sources.

Useful Data Sources Directory

Comprehensive list of 'stocks' and 'Instruments' listed on the LSE.(If you go to the second download on this page "INSTRUMENT LIST" - it actually includes 'Tickers' - thanks to HumourMe & greensiax for pointing that out - I had missed it.)

Information of expected upcoming results / trading statements (and dividends)

Price information on UK Indexes if you click through from there you can get downloadable historic data also (I think you have to register for this)

Open Queries.

  • Where is a reliable source of traded volume, so each filled order, submitted as bid or offer, price, time, etc? (Post 2 below) I gave a partial answer below referring to a source at ADVFN - but reliable is the key word!
  • Would like to know what websites/software people use for
    chartist/analysis work. Any posted links would be appreciated,, which do you find the most versatile, etc?
    (#10) Arguably slightly off-topic as it will be opinion based, but if any one has any thoughts I'm sure they would be appreciated.


In keeping with the theme, I will ask my first question in the first comment on this thread.

And don’t be afraid to ask “stupid questions” they will some be lost in the comment section (of you really want as the thread owner I can moderate them out of existence.

I hope this will be useful resource .

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