Hello Everybody.
I have just been conducting some research on here into which stock ranks have been performing best in the market. I found it interesting, and it occurred to me that others might too. So here we go!
Here is what I did. I went on the "Ranks" tab above. Then to "performance" Then I made the following selections: UK, Value Rank, >£100m, Quarterly, Quintiles, 1 month. Then I noted the % change in the month for the top quintile (ie 80 to 100). Then I repeated the exercise for each of Quality, Momentum & Growth Ranks.
My findings were:
V = +6.82%
Q = +3.46%
M = +4.19%
G = +3.33%
My conclusion is that, for last month, for companies of market cap >£100m, the best performance would generally have been obtained by owning shares with high value rank & high momentum rank. I have been collecting these figures for a while and this is the first time for me that the value rank came out top.
What do you all make of this?

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