I have been consulting my 52 week high screen, and set the parameters to within 10% of the recent high.

This is because the market is trending upwards, and buying the dip is a winning strategy in bull markets.

Obviously, everything works until it doesn’t, and one must be quick to adapt as anyone not adapting will quickly find themselves relieved of their cash. But for now – stocks are soaring and now is the time to be long.

Currently, I only have one short open on a stock that I thought would place into recent strength (it has a nasty habit of doing so). I am now inside and will close once the placing is announced to the market.

Shorting is (at least in my opinion) only to be used in the short-term rather a longer-term play. How many have done their dough on Tesla? It continues to infuriate many who say the company’s share price should be trading way less than it currently is.

Yet those shorters are trying to impose their will on a market which is bigger than them. And even if you are in a position to bully the price you shouldn’t. Because just like in the playground, there is always someone in the market bigger than you.

It’s hard to feel any sympathy for any accounts blown shorting Tesla.

Follow the money, and follow the trend. That is exactly why I want to buy stocks or identify stocks that will break out in future.

Tremor International

One stock that I like that has been flagged up is Tremor International (LON:TRMR) .

In the past I had wondered why some found Tremor controversial. Well, you may remember it was called Taptica before. Taptica merged with RhythmOne, which was previously Blinkx.

Blinkx's business model was criticised by a Harvard professor, and was spun out from Autonomy, which itself has been questioned by HP.

But the Harvard professor himself was accused of being in the pocket of hedge funds who would profit from any fall in the share price. He refused to comment on who paid him to do the research. And eleven years later, the Autonomy trial has still yet to be concluded.

So there are some warning signs here – but it’s been years now…

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