Every morning I take a 10 minute tour of the Stockrank Movers to see if any of companies in my universe have been upgraded by >10 units. Since their results 2 days ago the newly computed James Fisher and Sons (LON:FSJ) numbers have gained +30 to 91 for Stockrank score and the Quality score has jumped +35 to 89.  James Fisher was already showing excellent Momentum (Score 99), so the Stockrank improvement is largely a Quality score “Upgrade”.

Checking back on  James Fisher and Sons (LON:FSJ),  the end of year numbers and outlook look equally impressive. Excellent ROCE% and ROE% and with the characteristics of a moat. All enough to make me take a initial position this morning @ £19.05 and a (hopefully good ) example of how a big Stockrank/Quality Rank  improvement can flag up an improving opportunity?    Ian

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