Dear Stockopedia,

I ,and I believe many subscribers, read the excellent personal article written by   Paul Scott;the  heart rendering article( published in the festive period) where he wrote about his journey from amateur investor , where he turned a £180k capital sum into several millions but then over a period of time managed to lose it....made some more, lose it and ended up with a pretty miserable personal life for a few years...…...eventually joining the team of Stockopedia, as a writer.

The follow up from the Stockopedia community was excellent, illustrating that everyone loves a good story, especially if it is true.

I only joined Stockopedia some 6 or so months ago , not sure of the exact time but in that time I have now gained  access on my screen of  info that I did not know was readily available at an affordable price to amateur investors such as me.

For me, I do have a sizeable portfolio invested but could never compare myself to the professional fund managers who do and have done the business for me. Of course I want to get 10 baggers on every share and have had them before but believe now my good fortune then was based on a rising tide and of selecting the right shares which got caught in the waves of the rising tide

The shares I selected then were companies I understood and liked because I had an interest in their  area of operation .For example, I bought thousands and thousands of shares in Arena Leisure , because my area of expertise was betting and horse racing and Arena Leisure had the ownership and rights to run racing at their tracks, which at that time was Lingfield, Wolverhampton and these tracks might just be tracks to you but in those days before the Dot com boom, racing and betting was in its infancy on the internet, compared to what we know and understand today  , however, Arena leisure tracks were all on sand and this meant that during the worst Winters, racing still took place and not surprisingly, Arena Leisure  got due reward for this because Racing paid handsomely to any track which raced, because  in previous Winters it could result in weeks with no racing and no betting turnover to support racing, jockeys, owners, bookies etc.etc.

I forget what I originally paid for the shares but I think  it was around…

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