I have held @ZYT since 2014 and decided to sell about 3 months ago after banking some nice capital and dividend earnings. However, annoyingly the price has still continued to rise (as often happens unless I decide to hold).

I have continued to watch this company as I love it. It has a huge amount of cash sitting on its balance sheet. It has grown its dividend year on year and is nicely covered.  It has a decent ROCE and most importantly its in a 'sexy' area. Right now touch screen tech is very in vogue and also even if things go sideways it would be a prime candidate for a take over.

What I cannot understand is why it has made such huge gains over the last 3/12. Even today it has gone up by 8% on the back of no news that I can see.

I would love to hear opinions on this one and if you think this has got more to go? 

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