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About me: Skip
Introduction: Skip
Substance: I have scored mostly all FTSE companies with a home-brew “Calibration” score which I designed to show which stocks are most likely to outperform in the next 25-50 days. This slowly changes everyday, but attached is a static snapshot for the opening bell on Monday the 7th of September in order to publicly forward test the mechanics of the score.

Please download a copy of the dataset here and rejoin on the 11th October (25 trading days) for the results.

Questions you might have

Q: Is this like the momentum rank?
A: Kinda, its scored from one hundred been best to zero but doesn’t use any %52w high, MA on price or RS. It’s also not a rank but an actual score which in my personal opinion is superior.

Q: Have you timed this blogged output to get the very best results?
A: Nope. The average of all the scores is well below 50, so I may be foolish publishing this right now. But there’s always an excuse so if not now, then when?

Q: Why is a certain company not on the list?
A: The output is contains 1,361 stocks. I may have taken out a stock if its a low market cap, extremely volatile or little to non daily change to price.

Q: Can I ask you a question?
A: Sure!

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