Below are four AIM listed tiddlers that could potentially provide their shareholders with a welcome New Year cheer.  All four companies have interesting aspects which may add considerable value in 2016.  The companies listed below are ones I have personally added to my portfolio and in my opinion could potentially offer good share price appreciation, but as always on AIM, if it does not go to plan and the next few key announcements do not meet market expectations, then a disappointment could also be on the cards. 

Over the years the oil and gas sector has been very kind to me and have contributed nice gains to the ISA account, however the rapidly deteriorating economic conditions in the oil and gas sector during the last year has meant a change of focus was needed.  As always, when looking at most AIM stocks, the risk element needs serious consideration alongside the future economic outlook and the ability of companies to raise future funds, but all four have some very interesting characteristics which are worth a place on the "research and watch" list in my opinion.    

Without further ado, I will cut to the chase and give a brief overview of the 4 I have chosen:

Vela Technologies – Disruptive Technology

Vela Technologies (LON:VELA) at the current market cap of just over £1m is an interesting company that invests in disruptive technology and has stakes in a spread of nine companies.  These include some very exciting holdings such as the recently TSX listed Blockchain Tech Limited a technology company exploring applications of blockchain technology in a variety of industries including money transmission, insurance, voting and smart contracts.  Their Interbit remittance solution is set to be launched in January and this should generate financial sector interest.

Also within the portfolio is the very interesting Air Portr service which offer an on-line demand airport luggage transfer service.  AirPortr has recently signed a long term agreement to operate its on demand luggage service at Heathrow Airport in addition to Gatwick and London City, which attracts around 75m passengers per year.  Other investment include a stake in Nektan plc through the Disruptive Tech holding, Stream TV Networks, The Social Superstore Limited, Revolve Performance Limited and 23m shares in 3Legs Resources which has Jim Mellon involved and has signed non-binding heads of terms for the acquisition of SalvaRx Limited.

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