Sophos' Ranks have been in the range of 20 to 30 over recent months - I am a fairly new subscriber to Stockopedia. On 2nd Jan 2018 Sophos had a Rank of 27. This is incredibly low!?

Recent Momentum has been good and today's Rank has crept up to 34. Still very low!?

I know that some investors do not like Sophos's accounting methods. There is plenty written on this which makes Sophos very expensive on earnings and hence PER. But the company's trend figures on cashflow and management statements are very positive.

I do not expect Stockopedia to pick winners in advance but the low Rank for Sophos just looks extreme for quite a large and important cocmpany. I notice that Ranks may also be giving incorrect signals in the cases of major acquisitions, such as Proactis (PHD) (Rank 26) and Sanne (SNN) Rank 33.

Investors who are put off by these very low Ranks just could be missing the big winners?

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