I've set up a page where you can enter your top ten holdings (by value) and see everyone else's. There's an optional cash holding % box.
It also compiles the Top Top Twenty continuously.


Credit to Carmensfella for the idea.

We'd like as many entries as possible, so make yours now.
Don't worry about the exact order of your top ten.

New features

Correlation with Top Top Twenty column. Max is 10.

Top Top Twenty now shows change over year. Average is 60% (at 1 Nov). This is so high there must be self-selection bias involved and probably momentum investing as well. Gengulphus points out on TMF that a strong effect is "Holdings which grew a lot over the last year will tend to have become large and so have got into the table; holdings which didn't grow a lot over the past year will tend not to have become large and so not have got into the table...The real test of how impressive it is will be how those top ten holdings grow over the next year, not how they grew over the past year."

Top Top Twenty Tracker From the Top Top Twenty frozen on 1 Nov, the change since 31 Oct is shown.

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