Hi everyone, this is my first post on Stockopedia so thanks for taking the time to read it.

I've been investing, on and off, for around 10 years and the one technique that has appealed to me more than most has been Ben Graham's value investing. I discovered Graham's method via Warren Buffet after trying to understand how he sought to buy stocks. I know Bufett's wealth has come mainly in his later life and thanks to the float Geico produces, but his record still stands none the less.

I have recently started using Graham's method alongside my growth and momentum plans, mainly to appease my own curiosity, but also because I believe there are a lot of stocks that are being overlooked in the wake of the current AI / automation bubble / renewable energy surge. By this I mean more emphasis being put into looking at potential in the future rather than detailed research on fundamentals in the hear and now.

My question is do you think there is still a place for value investing as a main strategy, and has the market changed since the days of Graham and Buffett's early successes to reward the more forward thinking investor.

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