Re: Football

As I watched England play last night, one could see Roy Hodgson, England's Manager on the sidelines with an exit plan in place.  His body language showed a man condemned. His resignation speech had certainly been prepared beforehand and his speech was duly delivered directly post-match.

Re: Investors

How many investors based on their recent performance in last two weeks will admit defeat and  resign themselves and retreat to mutual funds or at least to specialised ETF's?

Private investors increasingly require more time to spend on in-depth analysis on companies. There are always balance sheets, adjusted earnings variations, pensions liabilities, increasing regulations changes, not forgetting currency exposure to be checked out. Is it worth it? Has the world of the private investor become too academic?

Full-time enthusiasts enjoy the work but I suspect that part time investors are struggling. Private investors are being swamped with modern media access to information. Endless hours are often spent in a futile attempt to keeping abreast of 20 or so companies in their portfolio with a watching brief over ten other share possibilities. 

Are investors being rewarded for their efforts with above market returns? Are investors receiving at least minimum wages for hours spent on analysis?  

Your opinions welcome!


Dearg Doom

PS (Article wrote for amusement and momentary distraction and discourse only)


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