Hello everyone!

This is not about share  recommendations. 

The idea behind this post is that we share the single best idea that we ever had to improve our share selection buying process.  (If you don't follow a process, then I am on not really seeking an answer from you, but if you want to ask a question, then please go ahead.)

My idea is to stop following share tips from any source, no matter how well informed. Following tips inevitably puts you behind the curve. A well designed screen will put you ahead of the curve. (I am an experienced  subscriber on here and can tell you that the screener section on here is extremely good. If you are not sure how to proceed, the help is absolutely first class!)

Because I have have made this post, I will also share with you my two next best ideas. I am looking for growth shares and my best advice is to look for rapidly growing sales and a high ROCE. Or a good shortcut is to look for a high growth rank.

If you consider yourself to be a successful investor, then please share your best idea on here. We can all benefit from this. It would also be helpful to tell us what you are looking for. Eg Income or growth or whatever.

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