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Our daily reports are your first stop for fast analysis of company announcements and news from across the market - well before the financial data or rankings are updated.

Our analysts deliver their views on new opportunities and risks, and help you make sense of the latest developments, with insights and explanations to help you invest with confidence.

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With access to data-driven, myth-busting research
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Find out what really works in investing

Our research team, led by Stockopedia founder Edward Croft, CFA produce regular groundbreaking research into what really works in stock markets.

Using the power of the Stockopedia data systems we validate the findings of academic research and strip away the myths to show you what really works in investing, and how you can apply it for yourself.

Seamless integration of our ideas with Stockopedia's toolbox means you can put new ideas into practice straight away, and stop relying on tips & rumours!

Insights that will transform your investment approach

Our research will guide you on some of the most challenging aspects of investing. Whether it's stock selection, timing trades, managing risk or dealing with profit warnings - use our detailed research to help you make better investment decisions.

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The most absorbing session I attended was on profit warnings, given by Ed Page Croft from the team at Stockopedia. The conclusion seems inescapable: unless there are special factors or one is taking a very long-term view, then you should sell as soon as possible on the first warning.

Lord LeeFT Columnist

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Stockopedia has a library of thousands of blogs and investing articles waiting for you to dig into. Whether you are looking for stock research or discounted cashflow explanations, it's all here.

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Our catalogue of eBooks & Guides are designed to help you invest with confidence. Every investment tool we’ve built and every research project we’ve undertaken has been produced in formats that suit you online, in print, by kindle or iPad.

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Webinars & Videos

Watch quick learning videos, or extensive educational webinars by Ed Croft. Dive into some of Stockopedia's most powerful insights, learn about the product and consume ground-breaking research.

I found learning the fundamental analysis side of investing was a very steep learning curve, and I have found that learning process much easier with Stockopedia.

Matthew HuntPrivate Investor

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I use it to check on companies I feel unsure about.

Michael Moule

Very well presented and very, very easy to use.

John Holmes

I feel much more confident, very quickly, in what I'm looking at.

Roderick Carter

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An extensive research team working for you...

Our research team give you intelligent, level-headed views of stocks and markets and cover a wide spectrum of themes, backed by rigorous industry and academic research

Picture of Ed Croft
Ed Croft
Stockopedia Founder and creator of the StockRanks & popular, factor-driven NAPS model portfolio. Ed was an Oxford Scholar, graduating with first class honours before going on to work as an asset manager and private client broker at Goldman Sachs.
Picture of Elio D’Amato
Elio D’Amato
Australasian market educator and commentator, Elio helps translate the noise of the market into actionable insights for individual investors. A well-respected commentator, who is regularly featured on ABC Radio and the Australian Financial Review.
Picture of Elio D’Amato
Elio D’Amato
Australasian market analyst and financial educator, Chris shares his expertise to help investors gain insight into the market. A regular contributor to mainstream financial media, Chris likes to hunt in the small caps area, trying to find unnoticed opportunities.
Picture of Jack Brumby
Jack Brumby
Investment Writer and CFA Level 2 Candidate. Jack writes about stocks, strategies and markets, and how investors can find an edge by ignoring market noise and taking a data-driven approach to equity investing.
Picture of Tom Firth
Tom Firth
Quantitative Research and the brains behind the delivery of the RiskRatings, StockRank Styles and our new data systems. Formerly an auditor at Grant Thornton he's a polymath who brings an attention to detail to all our data-driven research reports.
Picture of Oliver Cooper
Oliver Cooper
Funds and Portfolios Specialist who leads the research into some of Stockopedia's biggest data projects and editorial special features. Oliver previously worked with Towry Investment Management and prior to that with Invesco Perpetual.
Picture of Alex Naamani
Alex Naamani
Financial Analyst and Researcher specialising in building Stockopedia's growing financial databases and product development. Alex is involved in data research for editorial and regularly contributes analysis and features to the site.
Picture of Roland Head
Roland Head
Investment Writer and creator of the popular Stock in Focus model portfolio. Roland's strategy targets 'growth at a reasonable price' and uses strict buying and selling rules. He regularly updates the community on his investing highs and lows.

Our community is a gold mine. Tap into it

Find inspiration and ideas in our community of like-minded investors

Online investment discussion forums are notoriously riotous places. But at Stockopedia you'll find a supportive subscriber community that welcomes ideas and offers incredible support in return. We don't feed the trolls here - subscribers regularly use their real names, are paying members and are always respectful.

You'll interact with an informed group of contributors with their own money at stake. Connect with other individual investors and build your network.

Contribute & make it a team sport

All Stockopedia articles are open for discussion - and authors will find your comments and votes incredibly valuable as feedback. Stockopedia subscribers are from all walks of life and include professional investors, so there really is wisdom in the crowd.

Gain invites to events, conferences and StockSlams

Throughout the year, the Stockopedia community gather around the country, often at events held by our team. We attend investment conferences and host regular StockSlam socials in London that are bringing our community closer together.

Widely acclaimed by financial press, investor
associations & famous influencers

Stockopedia has always been miles ahead in its presentation of data and its carefully selected use of stock screens to identify great stocks.
David Stevenson
David Stevenson
Financial Times
Expensive fund managers should be looking over their shoulders.
Andrew Oxlade
Andrew Oxlade
The Telegraph
Since I last wrote about advanced screeners for value investors Stockopedia has emerged as my favourite. For data, Stockopedia shines.
Richard Beddard
Richard Beddard
Interactive Investor
Stockopedia presents all the data on any company that you are likely to want, saving you doing the analysis - this is a highly recommended service.
Roger Lawson
Roger Lawson
One of the advantages of using Stockopedia is that it helps throw up companies that you would otherwise not find out about. It also helps investors avoid getting caught in the traps that even the biggest household name shares can lay.
Simon Lambert
Simon Lambert
This is Money
Stockopedia is a great place to scan for new shares to buy. Each share gets a ranking, you can use 'guru' screens to find shares, there is even a stock screen loosely based on my criteria! There is lots more really fantastic material and I believe access should help investors and I now use it myself.
Robbie Burns
Robbie Burns
The Naked Trader
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