Hello Stockopedia,

In an attempt to improve my portfolio management, I started blogging weekly about running my portfolio.

Anyway, this week the post (and my portfolio performance was dominated by Best Of The Best (LON:BOTB) so I thought I would include that section here to get some feedback (empathy/sympathy would be nice - certainly better than HAHA, but I'm reasonably resilient) and in particular, for those in the digital marketing space, the extent to which any engagement/FB cost issues are likely to be temporary.

I hold and am bullish on the company given profitability, strength of management and evolution, and at the risk of denial, the marketing is a sector wide thing and this company has a lot of room & levers they can pull to manage impact.

If you are interested in the full post, it is available at https://vsihv.blogspot.com/202... (@Stocko - I am not sure I am allowed to self promote (not that there is anything to promote!) - if problem, please feel free to remove.


So clearly, the share price lost a lot of ground this week.
Incidentally, I broke one of my very recently adopted rules of not trading on the day of the announcement.

Should I have sold/reduced?

With hindsight, obviously! But I don't think so.It was my largest holding but certainly not an outsized position. One of the things I want to do is concentrate my portfolio more (more on reducing/rightsizing tail than the bigger holdings.
I added to this holding in February & March at the time of updates & placing (around £24) and was happy with those purchases.

At that time, I noted that this was a large holding and that I would need to stop adding & based that any further additions would have to be done ideally below £20.
I felt it was better than fair value for the business given the profitability & growth, without the forecasts being met. If 20% further growth (as forecast) came in 2022, then it was cheap. The point of stopping additional adds was so I could run it if the share price continued to progress.

I then added further in April, May & June - all small in the context of the holding & portfolio.

June was just stupid - it was gambling on results being well received. April & May were ill-disciplined and I think a case of me wanting to do something & I dare…

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