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A single place to track your portfolio performance & get updates

Get the big picture with accurate valuations & performance histories

Finally, you can keep track of how well your portfolio has performed over time with included time-weighted return performance. These charts automatically adjust your returns for the impact of cash inflows and outflows over time - giving you a true reflection of your performance.

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Stop jumping between brokers and centralise your portfolio records

There's no need to open multiple tabs and build spreadsheets to know your wealth status. With easy-to-use portfolio import tools you can get your trade records in fast and see your valuations. Alternatively, you can log the precise details of any share purchase or sale at will with our easy-to-use tools.

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Stay instantly informed with news, event & comment updates

It's so much easier to know what to do when you have confidence you are up to date. Review the upcoming reporting schedule, get daily company announcements & review comments from our analysts on your stocks throughout the week.

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The portfolio tool is way better than other online alternatives. It has given me a lot more confidence in my investing mainly due to the data at my fingertips.

Peter OughtibridgePrivate Investor
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Identify your weakest stocks and react more quickly to issues

Effortlessly monitor the financial health of all your stocks at once

We bring all the power of Stockopedia's proprietary data to your portfolio in easy-to-use data views. A quick glance at the StockRanks™ & RiskRatings™ brings an immediate understanding of upside potential and downside risks. With laser guided efficiency you can weed out potential underperformers and build a higher expected return portfolio.

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Customise the display to view your positions your way

Everybody likes to view their holdings in their own way, so we’ve made it possible for you to customise the display to show the table columns or charts you want. Whether you prefer to see today's latest gains or broker forecasts - it's all there. You can choose from any our set of 350+ fundamental & technical ratios plus all our proprietary data sets.

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I finally came to understand that I had to change what I was doing. I needed a proper, co-ordinated approach to the portfolio, instead of just looking for things that appealed.

JonPrivate Investor

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I try to de-risk my portfolio. I check Stockopedia to see where the problems could be.

Michael Moule

Very well presented and very, very easy to use.

John Holmes

I feel much more confident, very quickly, in what I'm looking at.

Roderick Carter

After your free trial, plans start at just £295 per year. With a one month money back guarantee, you're in control.

Build a better-diversified portfolio to reduce your risk

Instantly review the spread of your holdings across countries, sectors & styles

Diversification has been called the only free lunch in investing. By spreading your bets across different countries, sectors and styles you can earn similar returns at a lower chance of catastrophic risk. With our visual toolkit of pie & bar charts spotting issues has never been as straightforward.

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Set position limits and receive alerts when you are over-exposed

You don't need us to tell you that share prices rise and fall… but what do you do when a position gets so large in a portfolio that it has a disproportionate impact on portfolio risk? By setting maximum and minimum position limits you can stay on top of your riskiest exposures, worry less and most importantly act more quickly to address imbalances.

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My investing is now much more structured and the results more measurable. I feel better able to manage my portfolio without needing to thrash around for something to buy.

John BradneyPrivate Investor

Choose the coverage that suits you & access more than 35,000 stocks

We cover more than 35,000 stocks across the world including UK, Europe, North America, Asia & Australasia. It's never been easier to broaden your investing horizon & diversify your portfolio

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After your free trial, plans start at just £295 per year. With a one month money back guarantee, you're in control.