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Discover the highest Quality, best Value and strongest Momentum stocks in the market

Using our powerful screening tools you can instantly draw up lists of high StockRank™ candidate stocks for further research.

Use the rankings any way you like, on their own or in combination with 350+ financial ratios in our database to hunt for stocks that fit your investment style.

Improve your portfolio by weeding out low expected return stocks

Analyse your portfolio holdings in table view or as bubble charts. This unique view enables you to isolate poor ranking shares at a glance. By monitoring your the movements of your holdings through the rankings over time you can weed out lower probability stocks and ensure a higher "factor exposure" portfolio. If the future rhymes with history, this may lead to a better chance of market beating returns.

I could quickly see that some shares that had been tipped were of poor quality, so started the process of selling shares to reduce the number and improve the quality using the StockRanks number as a guide.
Richard Phillips

Private Investor

What is "factor investing"?

Factor investing is a method of harvesting the returns offered by stocks that exhibit certain traits. These traits, or factors, are identifiable using each stock's fundamental and technical data. Portfolios of stocks that exhibit traits such as being profitable (Quality), cheap (Value), strong (Momentum), small (Size), and Low Volatility have been proven historically to persistently and pervasively outperform the averages over the long term.

The StockRanks™, RiskRatings™ & StockRank Styles help investors build portfolios exposed to these factors - providing the world's only dedicated toolkit to do so.

The StockRanks™ are based on a proven set of factors

Factors proven to find winning stocks over decades of research by Nobel Prize winning academics*
StockRanks StockRank

An equal weighted composite of Quality, Value & Momentum to identify good, cheap & improving stocks.


A simple measure to find good companies.

Is it a strong & stable business?

We analyse long term profitability (ROCE, GPA), cash generation (FCF/Assets), stability (operating margin stability & growth (sales growth consistency).

Are its fundamentals improving?

We use a 9-point checklist (Piotroski F-Score) to assess the fundamental trend across profitablity, leverage, liquidity, source of funding & efficiency.

Is it safe from catastrophic risk?

We analyse the risk of bankruptcy (Altman Z-Score), the risk of earnings manipulation (Beneish M-Score) as well as overall leverage risk.


A simple measure to find cheap stocks.

Is it cheap relative to what it earns?

We compare the size of the enterprise against multiple measures of earnings (earnings, cashflow, sales) to build a composite picture of value.

Is it cheap relative to what it owns?

By measuring the level of the share's price against its assets using the Price/Book ratio, even companies without earnings are measured effectively.

Is it cheap relative to what it pays out?

A key component of the ValueRank is to measure the stock's share price against its dividend payout. The goal of investment is not just capital gains.


A simple measure to find improving stocks.

Is its share price strong relative to the market?

We rank highly stocks breaking through their 52 week highs, trading above their 200 day moving averages and showing strong relative price strength.

Are earnings & sentiment trends strong?

We measure the trend in analyst earnings forecasts and recommendations as well as earnings surprises to find stocks with market beating potential.

*Our measures are based upon the published work of academics such as Josef Lakonishok, Joseph Piotroski, Eugene Fama, Kenneth French, Robert Novy-Marx, Messod Beneish, Edward Altman & many more. Our work is indebted to these great individuals who have spent decades proving markets are beatable.

Get started for free

After your free trial, plans start at less than £23 per month. With a one
month money back guarantee, there's no risk.

The StockRanks are not a foolproof stock selection system

They are statistical measures that can help improve your odds of picking winners
A ranking system based on persistent, pervasive and robust factors

On average since 2012, our live performance tracking has shown that higher ranking shares (good, cheap, improving) have dramatically outperformed lower ranking shares (expensive, deteriorating, junk).

These results validate the findings of three decades of research into the Quality, Value and Momentum factors by famous academics like Cliff Asness, Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama and Josef Lakonishok. Our rankings system stands on the shoulders of giants.

Reduce your odds of making losses in the stock market with greater statistical confidence

On average since 2012, two out of every three 90+ StockRank™ stocks have been winners over a 1 year timeframe, while two out of three 10- stocks have been losers. These results have been remarkably persistent across markets & sectors.

High ranking stocks can, of course, fall. The StockRank shows how similar a stock's profile is to those that have done well in the past. It provides no guarantee of results. But on average, in a diversified portfolio, over the longer term, higher ranked shares have significantly beaten the market.

In a recent survey of 1,329 subscribers, 67% said:

The StockRanks were the feature that most contributed to their outperformance
67% - "StockRanks helped my performance the most"

*January 2021 survey of Stockopedia Subscribers.

I found that my success rate tripled. So yes, Stockopedia has changed my investment approach and I am more than happy to continue to use it. Best investment tool out there…
Vicki Summerell

Private Investor

Hear what our subscribers have to say about the StockRanks™

Learn how Stockopedia has transformed the results of these investors

Feel more confident in your decisions with reliable financial data

Stockopedia is powered by Refinitiv - A Thomson Reuters Company

Stockopedia is one of the few companies in the world that the markets giant Refinitiv (a Thomson Reuters company) partners with to serve the individual investor.

Peter Oughtibridge's review Stockopedia's StockRanks
I really find Stockopedia indispensable for excellent data and the StockRanks are also a strong component of my investment decisions.
James Nelson

Private Investor

Choose the coverage that suits you & access more than 35,000 stocks

We provide StockRanks™ more than 35,000 stocks across the world including UK, Europe, North America, Asia & Australasia. It's never been easier to broaden your investing horizon & diversify your portfolio.

Our team of trained financial analysts is online to support you throughout the trading day

Since our launch, we've believed supporting our subscribers to be our most important endeavor. Our goal is to provide the help you need to succeed as a self-reliant investor - and you'll do that better the faster you learn to use our investment tools.

Our analyst team includes three Chartered Financial Analysts and three candidates. We have the expertise to resolve everything from simple account queries to tough data issues.

In the last 12 months we handled 11,046 unique conversations with our subscribers. 22% of which were personally handled by Ed Croft our CEO. We really do give a damn.

Get started for free

After your free trial, plans start at less than £23 per month. With a one
month money back guarantee, there's no risk.

Just some of the Stockopedia Team
Not only is the software easy to use and to understand but the team around it are always there to assist. Thanks to Stockopedia for helping me feel comfortable enough to take my own investment decisions and to develop my own strategy. It's enriched my pocket and my life.
Jonathan A

Private Investor

Widely acclaimed by financial press, investor associations & famous influencers

"Stockopedia has always been miles ahead in its presentation of data and its carefully selected use of stock screens to identify great stocks."
David Stevenson
Financial Times
"Expensive fund managers should be looking over their shoulders."
Andrew Oxlade
The Telegraph
"Since I last wrote about advanced screeners for value investors Stockopedia has emerged as my favourite. For data, Stockopedia shines."
Richard Beddard
Interactive Investor
"Stockopedia presents all the data on any company that you are likely to want, saving you doing the analysis - this is a highly recommended service."
Roger Lawson
"One of the advantages of using Stockopedia is that it helps throw up companies that you would otherwise not find out about. It also helps investors avoid getting caught in the traps that even the biggest household name shares can lay."
Simon Lambert
This is Money
"Stockopedia is a great place to scan for new shares to buy. Each share gets a ranking, you can use 'guru' screens to find shares, there is even a stock screen loosely based on my criteria! There is lots more really fantastic material and I believe access should help investors and I now use it myself."
Robbie Burns
The Naked Trader

After your free trial, plans start at less than £23 per month. With a one month money back guarantee, there's no risk.

A subscription to Stockopedia will be one of the best investments you'll ever make...

Here's what you'll get:
A decade of research into what works in stock markets
Millions of pounds of platform investment
Countless hours of research time saved
Access to hundreds of educational articles and ebooks
Over 30 talented professionals working flat out for you
A team of the very best bloggers acting as mentors
Saving you thousands in advisory fees every year
Stockopedia is the perfect solution for the time-poor individual investor looking for results
Starting at less than £23 per month

After your free trial, plans start at less than £23 per month. With a one month money back guarantee, there's no risk.

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