I have over the past three months been keeping an active interest on a number of healthcare companies, in particular those who could provide a solution to our current crisis Covid-19. There is one company, Novacyt SA, Novacyt Sa (LON:NCYT) however which has caught my eye, and in doing so, I have maintained some detailed research which I would like to share with colleagues on this forum.

The analysis work has been completed within Excel, this I have printed and saved this work as a PDF file, then in turn uploaded to a file sharing system.


The File-bin folder holds two versions of my analysis work, 6th June and the 13th June

I guess that a few members of Stockopedia might be interested in my workings.

In return, I be interested in members views, on how to value this security, the main risks to the business etc

In the past the majority, most of my portfolio has been in much safer Fixed Income Securities, mainly Orb bonds, PIBS , Pref shares, plus a few infrastructures funds like £BSIF. Some of these have been sold, in particular, if they had anything to do with Banks & Insurance due to the Covid-19 crisis etc . I rarely traded in pure "Equity shares", my last good equity holding was Aj Bell (LON:AJB) AJ Bell from it's IPO. Poor recent liquidity in trading Orb bonds has also meant the need to diversify the portfolio further.

I would welcome any comments, positive & negative, regarding this security

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