Hi All,
I recently became interested shares. Initially I put my money in a FTSE100 tracker and have done well with the recent bull market. I then wanted to take it a stage further and subscribed to stockopedia at the beginning of 2017, used the stock ranks to invest in several shares and mostly have again done well (thank you morgan sindall)
However again I was hoping to move a stage further, and I want start doing my own research as many to do say in the SCVR column.
This website has so much information and I have no idea how to put it into practice. Does anyone know any good books or other sources they would recommend to help develop my knowledge? Or is it a case of learning through doing? The only problem her is if a share price does move, I cant really explain it.

To summarise I guess am trying to find ways to develop my limited knowledge whether through reading or others sharing their experiences, or maybe just use this site better such as the screening. Hopefully I could then become a useful contributor to these good discussion pages :) 


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