Good evening/morning, it's Paul here.

To manage expectations today, I'm on the afternoon shift, so estimated completion time of this report is c.6 pm. As usual, I'll update it in sections as I go along. It's a quiet day for small caps news anyway. All done now (17:36)

Burford Capital (LON:BUR)

Yesterday was so dominated by BUR that I didn't get round to looking at many other things. Hence today's reports starts with some catch up items, written by me late on Weds night. Incidentally, I really liked Graham's coverage of Burford on his own website, here.

Another thought occurs to me. It might be that the share price could bounce from here, but will it get back to previous levels? I doubt that, because now it appears (according to MW) that profit is mainly coming from aggressively anticipating the future cashflows from only 4 big cases, then that casts considerable doubt over the sustainability of future profits. That in turn means that a much lower multiple of earnings should be used in valuing the company.

Taking that into account, means that I suspect Burford shares could eventually settle permanently at a lower level - maybe 500-1000p? As Graham points out in his article, given that Burford appears to recognise future profits aggressively, then we should possibly be valuing it at a discount to published NAV, not a premium? It depends on how you look at it.

Interestingly, the Stockopedia computers were negative on Burford, before the recent share price collapse. On 4 Aug 2019, when the share price was 1425p, the StockRank here was very low for a (at that date) £3.1bn company;


That has since dropped to 18, as the momentum has obviously dropped this week.

Nobody is claiming that the StockRank system is infallible - it couldn't possibly be, as no system can predict the future. However, I've noticed that ignoring low StockRanks is often a costly mistake - many of my low StockRank personal holdings have done really badly in the last year. With hindsight, if I'd played it safe, and stuck to higher StockRank positions, I'd probably be a lot happier and wealthier than I actually am now. Ho hum, we live & learn. Or maybe that should be: live and make the same mistakes…

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