Good morning, it's Paul here with Tuesday's SCVR.

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Edit at 12:51 - today's report is now finished.
Please note that I ran out of time/energy to look at off topic stuff, namely AA., CNEL & OCDO, so will probably write up something about them this evening, for tomorrow's placeholder, as that seems to work quite well - giving you something to get stuck into first thing tomorrow morning!

BBC licence fee

Before we start today, I just need to get one thing off my chest, about the BBC licence fee. I can’t do that through Twitter any more, since they didn’t appreciate my banter, and their computers mis-classified it as “hate speech”. I mean, honestly! Anyway, it’s probably for the best, so I haven’t appealed.

De-criminalising the BBC licence fee (as is being mooted) does not make payment voluntary, as is being widely mis-reported (fake noooz!). It simply means that any unpaid licence fees would be chased in the same way as any other unpaid bill - e.g. a court summons, CCJ, etc, instead of being punishable (ludicrously) by imprisonment. Therefore, it’s a common-sense reform, that’s long overdue.

Subscriber feedback

I was delighted to read Ben’s article here, and even more thrilled to see how highly the SCVRs scored in a recent Stockopedia subscriber survey. Look at this:


This is not just people saying they like the SCVRs, they’re saying we’ve boosted their returns! Or at least I think that’s what they mean? “Most impacted your returns” could mean the opposite! :-O

A couple of bits left over from yesterday to start with...

Water Intelligence (LON:WATR)

Share price: 337.5p (up 6% yesterday)
No. shares: 16.9m
Market cap: £57.0m

2019 Full Year Trading Results

Water Intelligence plc (AIM: WATR.L) (the "Company" or "Water Intelligence"), a leading multinational provider of precision, minimally-invasive leak detection and remediation solutions for both potable and non-potable water is pleased to provide an unaudited Trading Update for full year 2019. Audited results for 2019 are expected during mid-May as traditionally released.

There’s quite a lot of detail in today’s update, making it not the easiest to interpret.

Thankfully, WH Ireland have done the work for us, with a useful update note…

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