(Graham is on SCVR duties, but Paul has left us the following note. - GN)

Hi, it's Paul here!

I'm not entirely sure whether it's me or Graham meant to be writing Tuesday's SCVR? So I thought it might be best to just put up a placeholder, and then see what happens tomorrow!

We're both a bit pre-occupied with Mello London, and making sure that this investor show has the highest ever recorded per capita consumption of Guinness! 

There were literally no taxis around, and Uber wasn't working either. So when we were all thrown out of the hotel bar at Mello c.1 am, after a very jolly time with Gromley & Bestace in particular, I had little choice but to mount a Mobike, and cycle 11 miles back to my Islington pad.

Only to be told by my flatmates to (1) not make any noise, definitely no singing to Queen or Chaka Khan, (2) microwave some macaroni cheese, as that's all we have left, oh and some broccoli, and (3) go to bed please.

I'm due to be released from Twitter prison in a few hours - apparently hurling abuse at our democratically elected Prime Minister, is not de rigueur these days. Sorry, I didn't get that memo, I foolishly thought we still have some semblance of civil liberties, and freedom of speech. Clearly not. Now we are all snowflakes.  I'm offended!!

Thank goodness we live in a relatively civilised country, where you just get banned from Twitter for 7 days, for pouring scorn on the useless ruling class. As opposed to recent examples abroad which show just how primitive & uncivilised humans can be.

Actually, the history of mankind is appalling. It's full of violence and hatred. We are so lucky to be living in a brief interlude, of peace. Let's make the most of it. We'll all be dead in 100 years anyway.

Morning, Graham here.

I only have about an hour/90 minutes to look at company updates before I have to leave for the conference venue and present this blog. So this is going to be a turbocharged (i.e. short but very fast) SCVR.

Blue Prism (LON:PRSM)

Trading update - year-end update from this robotics group.

Key points:

  • strong sales momentum has continued, particularly in…

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