Stockopedia Subscriber Performance Survey 2017

Monday, Dec 11 2017 by
Stockopedia Subscriber Performance Survey 2017

On Friday I asked Stockopedia subscribers a set of questions about their stock market performance in 2017. We’ve had a great response so far with 1,168 respondents and more coming in every hour. If you missed the invite, please do check your email inbox and submit your answers. We’ll be keeping the survey open for the next few days, but the results have stabilised and we have a great sample, so I’ve decided to publish the results.

The insights from the survey are exciting and fascinating in equal measure - here goes.

Since subscribing to Stockopedia has your performance outperformed, matched or underperformed the market?


Many subscribers have been with us since 2012 so we started the survey with a more general question about longer term performance. Almost three quarters of subscribers have been outperforming the market since subscribing, and only 6% underperforming.

Those who have been underperforming may be able to learn from the outperformers - so I hope they'll share their secrets.  I’ll be following up to ask how the best performers have been achieving their results.

What has your 2017 performance been as a percentage year to date?


As you can see, it’s been a great result for the majority of subscribers. My estimate is an average 21.5% return year to date. 43 respondents managed far more than 50% returns year to date. I know of one subscriber who has returned 252% year to date and many of this elite group have done exceptionally well with over 100% returns…. so the real average may be significantly above 21.5% returns. There’s clearly a ‘fat tail’ of super-users who are dramatically outperforming the market - through better process or great fortune. I will find out more.

Most of our subscribers are UK based so let’s compare the UK benchmarks with this performance. The FTSE 100 is up 3.8%, the broader FTSE All Share is up 5.2% and the FTSE Small Cap index is up 8.5%. So the community has significantly outperformed the market. This very much backs up my belief that it’s better for investors to take matters in their own hands and invest directly in share ownership rather than buying funds.

The only UK index that is a patch on the…

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As per our Terms of Use, Stockopedia is a financial news & data site, discussion forum and content aggregator. Our site should be used for educational & informational purposes only. We do not provide investment advice, recommendations or views as to whether an investment or strategy is suited to the investment needs of a specific individual. You should make your own decisions and seek independent professional advice before doing so. Remember: Shares can go down as well as up. Past performance is not a guide to future performance & investors may not get back the amount invested.

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rpannell 14th Dec '17 38 of 57
Many of us , me included, have test portfolios on Stocko in addition to our real holdings.

This is further complicated by people like me who have shorts portfolios, where a loss is actually a gain. My guess is that most people who are shorting are doing so on large cap stocks (very risky with small caps) so some of the large caps holdings in the pie chart on post #20 may actually be shorts.

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davidtalbo 14th Dec '17 39 of 57

In reply to Edward Croft, post #30

Another problem with systematically giving buy, hold and sell recommendations is that I believe it would require you to be an authorised adviser, registered with FCA The resulting limitation in the range of services offered by Stockopedia, not to mention the staff's well-being generally,this would be as desirable as "a hole in the head"!

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JimMcLad 14th Dec '17 40 of 57

In reply to davidtalbo, post #39

Totally agree - stick to supplying tools for us to use as we see fit. There are enough tip sheets about already for anyone who feels they need them.

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The Third Man 14th Dec '17 41 of 57

In reply to abiggins, post #35

Hi Alan. You have me puzzling over your reference to "self tailorable reports"! Have I missed something? Where are they?

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abiggins 14th Dec '17 42 of 57

In reply to The Third Man, post #41

Hello 3rd Man. There's so much in Stockopedia that it's easy to miss stuff. See the options/tab 'screens', then sub option 'create a screen; then build one with the fields supplied, for example enterprise between 100mil and 300 mill with a rank of > 95. Or from one of the 'guru screens' under the same option, copy the screen ('fork') and then play with it. Alan

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Barnesian 14th Dec '17 43 of 57

In reply to Edward Croft, post #30

I totally agree.

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Edward Croft 15th Dec '17 44 of 57

In reply to The Third Man, post #41

@thirdman - we will be introducing editable StockReports in the new version of the site. It won't be available right from the start, but we've designed it with this feature in mind. So you'll be able to pick and choose your ratios/metrics to view.

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pck76 15th Dec '17 45 of 57

In reply to Paul Scott, post #19

Paul, 67% is obviously a great result, but what would you consider to be a 'good' result? Do you have a minimum threshold in mind that would make you happy (eg. "If I achieve at least X% this year, I'm happy")? And if so, how did you come up with that number?

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Richard Cook 16th Dec '17 46 of 57

I was one of the subscribers that did less than average. I started using the service in June, therefore results are for 6 months. I am in the U.S.
Please do NOT start providing Buy Hold Sell recommendations, because I use the service to determine this.

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Damian Cannon 16th Dec '17 47 of 57

Actually on the buy/hold/sell recommendation front I can see this being a useful service _if_ the trigger points are based on hard data. For example the StockRanks and other measures are fantastic for selecting decent shares which are statistically likely to do well. However they're no good for timing purchases and sales (and not particularly useful for finding shares which are heading towards being highly ranked but haven't made it just yet).

So if a system similar to the one that generates the ranks could be devised for identifying buy/sell points that work overall for groups of shares that would be useful. I think that the kick-back against this suggestion comes from the discredited notion of individuals giving buy/sell/hold recommendations on little more than gut feel.


Blog: Ambling Randomly
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Redrichmond 16th Dec '17 48 of 57

My 50ps worth. You can provide what you want about buy  sell etc..I never use it and never will, its a con.(Again my opinion based on a number of super gurus and data to back it up)

Read David Dreman contrarian investing theres a whole section on brokers ratings with data to back it up.. why do very few brokers rate a SELL , because its employment suicide.. brokers are in bed with the conpanies that pay them..Data doesnt lie and that book is one of the best I have read so far covers so much. Written by ex an trader

Pg102 chapter 5 "The expert way to lose your savings"

Pg 96
"Rule 5"
"There are no highly predictable industries in which you can count on analysts forecasts. Relying on these estimates will lead to trouble"

Pg 94

Percentage (plus or minus) by which analysts hit actual earnings

+ or - 5% by which analysts hit actual earnings
29.4 of analysts

+ or - 10% by which analysts hit actual earnings
46.8 of analysts

+ or - 15% by which analysts hit actual earnings

58.3% of analysts

This then goes a level deeper based on industry..with metals and mining have the higest error of 71%
With tobbaco the best of 4%

An excellent book , as are the rest of the guru books listed on stocko

I will never be an expert but Im losing less money now :)

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Daytona 17th Dec '17 49 of 57

In reply to Edward Croft, post #20

So, the IMA Smaller Companies index is not the right benchmark. The right benchmark isn't so far from the FTSE All Share.  

It does embolden my belief that the community here are actually a pretty smart set of investors.

So why not create your own index/indices, it might be a good marketing wheeze !

Congratulations on what you've achieved and a happy Christmas to you all.

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swift1467 18th Dec '17 50 of 57

In reply to Edward Croft, post #30

All, having been a private investor for years with a lot of experience trying to find the tools to improve and a few good kickings to prove it, I absolutely agree. It makes us lazy and gives us an excuse to blame someone else.
Best, Tony

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Techno Trousers 20th Dec '17 51 of 57

If there is any one thing that Stockopedia has given to me above all others, then it is confidence in my investing approach, and the ability to take complete control of my SIPP and ISA. No longer am I destined to underperform based upon poor share tips, or my own personal (poor) analysis of the company finances and prospects. Being a mathematician/statistician, I love the data analyses that Ed and the team have developed around the Stock Ranks and to a certain extent this provides a base platform for me to apply my own twist over and above this. So whilst I look at the Stock Ranks, I will not simply buy the top twenty or so, and will apply a whole list of other criteria before focussing in on a stock. I have also developed my own rudimentary approach to try and time my buys and sells, and I think the results adhere pretty closely to the 80/20 rule with 80% being reasonably well timed and assessed. Given that ratio, and in also limiting the losses of the 20% losers, I have managed to improve my performance considerably and am a very happy subscriber. Indeed, given the increase in risk and possible over valuation of the UK stock market in late 2017, I have recently extended my subscription to Europe, and this too is starting to show some early successes too, most notably with £LHA £DBAN £1COV. 

(Note sure why but the £ prefix is not working for me: basically, Lufthansa, Deutsche Beteiligungs and Covestro.)

Longer term, I would really benefit further from the inclusion with the screening tools of a variety of technical indicators, and this would ease the pain and efforts involved in timing buys/sells considerably, especially if this could be linked to an alert so that I can mail myself accordingly.

Anyway, for 2018, I am pretty sure I will extend my involvement outside of the UK to reduce my local market risk, and given a fair wind, I am reasonably optimistic of decent returns even if I do not possess a looking glass to assess the economic future and directions of world markets.


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JTG 6th Jan 52 of 57

In reply to Tony Drew, post #10

Seconded! ITs are particularly good for diversifying through a foreign theme, e.g. India, where researching small amounts of individual stocks is not a good use of time. And comparable discount/premium to NAV through the universe would be a great extra line. WHEN the downturn comes and anxiety is high, putting cash into discounted ITs virtually guarantees outperformance over the following two years, I believe.

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herbie47 6th Jan 53 of 57

In reply to Techno Trousers, post #51

£ will only work for UK listed shares IQE (LON:IQE), don't think there is a Euro equivalent or USA. 

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Howard Adams 6th Jan 54 of 57

In reply to Techno Trousers, post #51


Nice write up. Good for you.

I think extending into Europe stocks will be a useful step for 2018 (and beyond).

With regard to your comment about alerts (copied from your post).

'Longer term, I would really benefit further from the inclusion with the screening tools of a variety of technical indicators, and this would ease the pain and efforts involved in timing buys/sells considerably, especially if this could be linked to an alert so that I can mail myself accordingly.'

Are you aware of the Alerts facility under the Folios option. It's at the end of the Folios drop down. You can create an alert for any metric within the Stockopedia database. The function is still quite basic but with a thoughtful approach to using it it can be very effective. As an alert triggers Stockopedia emails you. I use it to good effect to assist with spotting falling shares.It can be used to spot rising shares as well, or any other movement of a metric of interest.


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Techno Trousers 7th Jan 55 of 57

In reply to Howard Adams, post #54

Thanks Howard.

I must declare that I used these alerts some time back, but they always failed to mail correctly, although i think this was down to my unusual mail address at the time with two '.' characters before the @. So I changed it, and now it does work, albeit that I had largely forgotten about this tool. Thanks for the reminder!

Overall however, what I would like to see included is the content you find in 'Tools > Chart Signals'. I find when combining some of these, such as Golden Cross, MACD Zero Line Crossover and so on with a decent stock rank, and as long as other content aligns with my specific requirements, then this can be a very good indicator for strong upward movement in several cases. Doesn't work every time, but I used this approach and found Morgan Sindall (LON:MGNS) and Ferrexpo (LON:FXPO), and I think I also used this approach to pick up on IQE (LON:IQE) when it was < 30p in 2016.

Best Regards, TT

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Tony Drew 7th Jan 56 of 57

I've already replied on this and asked for coverage of Investment Trusts and all I got in reply was pure rubbish and didn't address the topic at all! Shame on you

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belazela 8th Jan 57 of 57

I am new to investing and have so much to learn. Wonderful site and service. A1.

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