You may ask why there are pages below are not talking just about Versarien and their financials. It’s because it is impossible to understand the graphene opportunity unless you understand the ecosystem that they operate in. There is also a lot of “connecting of dots” which helps to paint the picture of the progress Versarien have made and the opportunities that lie ahead of them.

ADVFN - There are some really good ADVFN posters who are long term investors in VRS, have attended shareholder open days / AGMs and have excellent insights and research that they share especially Superg1, bones, Atoxyl, compounup & severnof9 who have informed a lot of my own research and I have shamelessly copied so of their insights. Obviously, you have to wade through a load of rampers, derampers and nutters that seem to frequent ADVFN but hopefully we can get a decent level of discussion and sharing of insights going on Stockopedia instead.

Finally, it’s a bit nerve wracking doing my first posts on Stockopedia especially with the quality of writers here already – I’m dyslexic and it’s something I struggle so hopefully you find enough quality within the quantity! You can find me @MikeWBrenner where I retweet a lot of my graphene / Versarien research

Due to the size of my research i'm splitting it into 3 posts

Part 1 - A Background to the Graphene Marketplace

Part 2 - A deep dive into Versariens Business

Part 3 - Graphene Competitors

Why Graphene?

It’s a multifunctional material that can be added to other materials to change their properties

  • It is ultra-light yet immensely tough.
  • It is 200 times stronger than steel, but it is incredibly flexible.
  • It is the thinnest material possible as well as being transparent.
  • It is a superb conductor and can act as a perfect barrier - not even helium can pass through it.
  • In its graphene oxide form it is the worlds finest membrane – you can remove salts from water to create drinking water

What applications for graphene? 

Some video’s on its background and uses: