Due to the size of my research i'm splitting it into 3 posts

This post is part of a series on my research on Versarien

Part 1 - A Background to the Graphene Marketplace

Part 2 - A deep dive into Versariens Business

Part 3 - Graphene Competitors

ADVFN - There are some really good ADVFN posters who are long term investors in VRS, have attended shareholder open days / AGMs and have excellent insights and research that they share especially Superg1, bones, Atoxyl, compounup & severnof9 who have informed a lot of my own research and I have shamelessly copied some of their insights. Obviously, you have to wade through a load of rampers, derampers and nutters that seem to frequent ADVFN but hopefully we can get a decent level of discussion and sharing of insights going on Stockopedia instead.

Finally, it’s a bit nerve wracking doing my first posts on Stockopedia especially with the quality of writers here already – I’m dyslexic and it’s something I struggle so hopefully you find enough quality within the quantity! You can find me @MikeWBrenner where I retweet a lot of my graphene / Versarien research


There will be many companies that win over time as advanced 2D materials are commercialised, as there are 1000's of combinations of uses in 1000's of products and new technology. The question is who is going to be the pack leader and first major mover?


Hundreds of companies have claimed over the last 10 years to be able to produce and manufacture graphene all promising incredible benefits to their customers and amazing shareholder returns however £$€¥ millions have been lost by investors.


VRS have first mover advantage and UK PLC have invested £1 billion in graphene infrastructure to create a unique flywheel that becomes more and more difficult to replicate / catch up with day by day  


The competition for producing graphene hasn't started to arrive at scale … It will arrive over time (and probably sooner than I think as its benefits are so disruptive) but there is plenty of catching up to do. Below is a more detailed teardown of competitors you are likely to come across in your research with my opinions on them – this is not exhaustive but…

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